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As an element in the interior design of any bathroom, shower cabins provide a variety of solutions. And due to the fact they are able to transform a lack of space into a sensation of spaciousness, their utilization in any such environment extends well beyond the mere functional.

The main feature of REFLEX shower cabins is its glass. The framework and opening mechanisms are inconspicuous and do not impede the stylish transparent qualities of the glass. By way of innovative design - and in combination with highquality materials - it has thus been possible to obtain simplicity, elegance and functionality. The result? A marvellous harmony between shower cabin and its most fantastic and essential element - water.

REFLEX range comprises a variety of shower cabin systems for installation with showers, as well as panel and screen systems for bathtubs, and these are distinguished by a plethora of formats and modes of opening to suit the available space and general milieu.

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