Recessed ceiling spotlight / indoor / LED / halogen
IONE Reggiani Illuminazione


  • Type:

    recessed ceiling

  • Location:


  • Light source:

    LED, halogen, HID

  • Shape:


  • Material:

    cast aluminum, technopolymer

  • Other characteristics:


  • Protection class:




Ione is an adjustable recessed mounting fixture which perfectly combines formal elegance with the flexibility of an adjustable lighting unit. Its compact design makes Ione the ideal solution for use in rooms with shallow false ceilings. The enormous versatility of its lamps enables it to satisfy a range of lighting requirements for both large and small installations. Its availability in a track mounting version also allows you to use the design with other mounting options.

Features and Benefits

Available for LED, halogen and metal halide lamps.
Luminous flux up to 3798 lm and CRI > 90 (LED versions)
Interchangeable optical system (IOS)
Can be equipped with IR, UV, selective food and coloured dichroic filters
Extremely adjustable angle of projection: 356° horizontal, 60° vertical
Can be equipped with a dimmer for adjusting the brightness of the LED lamp
Emergency unit (1 hour) available as accessory equipment


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