recessed ceiling spotlight / indoor / LED / halogen
MOSAICO Reggiani Illuminazione



  • Type:

    recessed ceiling

  • Location:


  • Light source:

    LED, halogen, HID, compact fluorescent

  • Shape:

    square, rectangular

  • Material:

    cast aluminum

  • Other characteristics:

    orientable, dimmable

  • Protection class:

    IP20, IP40



Mosaico is the recessedsolution that can hostfrom one to four lightsources, and each one isindependently adjustable,in an optical compartmentextractable to two positions.The modularity is furtherenhanced by the housingwith variable confi guration,in line or square.Each of the separatelight bodies can spreaddifferent beams andcolours, providing completeexpressive freedom, for thedesigner in the first place and then for the user.

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