laminate panel / acrylic / for interior / smooth
R-CAST® THICK GAUGE SHEET Reynolds Polymer Technology



  • Material:

    laminate, acrylic

  • Applications:

    for interior

  • Finish:



Reynolds Polymer Technology, Inc. has the ability to make the thickest monolithic acrylic sheeting in the industry. This is why R-Cast® is the choice for unique, custom projects which require geometries that would be impossible with laminated sheets.

We also manufacture the widest variety of cast acrylic sheet. RPT can supply R-Cast® acrylic in our standard sheet sizes and colors, or we can provide any variety of custom acrylic shapes, sizes, colors, and surface treatments. Whatever your project requirements are, chances are we can create acrylic designed to suit you and your needs. R-Cast® acrylic sheet provides outstanding optical clarity, excellent UV properties, high impact resistance, and superb weathering ability. All R-Cast® acrylic sheet comes with a standard 10 year warranty.