reinforced concrete cladding / fiberglass / grooved / panel
ÖKO SKIN - LIQUIDE BLACK Rieder Smart Elements GmbH



  • Material:

    reinforced concrete, fiberglass

  • Finish:


  • Configuration:



A simple with öko skin boards paneled building is punctuated by bold green areas. Floor to ceiling glazing combine indoor and outdoor space in one continuum. From the classrooms you step directly on the tree-covered play area.

The daycare Nils Holgersson was built in 2000 and forms the structural completion of the pavilion ensemble of Nill Holgerson day-care center. Currently three school groups with children of primary school age, a group "Supervised primary school" and two kindergarten groups are housed in the facility.

Stadt Kassel I Hochbau und Gebäudebewirtschaftung

Product Information:
200 m² öko skin in liquide black

Photos:Markus Batscheider