fiber-reinforced concrete cladding / smooth / strip / panel
FIBREC - SAHARA Rieder Smart Elements GmbH



  • Material:

    fiber-reinforced concrete

  • Finish:


  • Configuration:

    strip, panel


K71 in Prague has been designed by C.A.I.S. architects. It is situated between the Music Theatre Karlín and the dominant line of the Negrelli viaduct. As an artistic theme of the building, a block of concrete was selected with irregular cross-sections. The façade is realized with fibreC façade panels, as they light colour “sahara” combined with a sandblasted surface looks like natural stone and fits the ancient surrounding of the building.

C.A.I.S. architekti s.r.o.

Product Information:
1,000 m² fibreC, colour Sahara, FE

Photos: Ditz Fejer