contemporary display case / with long legs / MDF / lacquered wood
VALV by Lukas Dahlén Ringvide



  • Style:


  • Installation:

    with long legs

  • Material:

    lacquered wood, MDF


Inspired by the medieval wall around the small town of Visby, Sweden, the designer noticed the tension between the massive wall and its arch openings. The very shape of the half circle makes the opening in the heavy stone wall possible. Widely used all around the world for centuries the valve shape has become a symbol of an opening enhancing the tension between the outside and the inside. The shape of the arch has now taken a decorative and symbolic place in the Valv vitrine to intensify and frame the inside of the cabinet. Valv means arch in Swedish.
Lacquered eco ceertified MDF, color according to customer
Standard finishes:
colour according to customer