shower mixer tap / chromed metal / bathroom / 1-hole
TETRIS POBA5150 Ritmonio Rubinetterie Srl


  • Product applications:


  • Material:

    chromed metal

  • Location:


  • Number of holes:



The new Tetris series is a delicate profile, a continuous line creating and delimiting the surfaces: starting from simple figures, Tetris develops itself playing with the proportion of the shapes and the volumes join, and it is composed like a geometric module, keeping simplicity as stylistic inspiration. Level and right-angles surfaces defines a rigorous geometry, formed by the alternation of rounded angles and sharp edges. It is a way and style to experience for the whole house, right for the lovers of spontaneity and essentiality. Also the water path is a thin flow that springs like a blade controlled by a joystick handle. Tetris is available in chrome and brushed chrome finishing; is a complete series, suitable for the whole bathroom ambience.