electric convector / stainless steel / linear / horizontal



  • Power source:


  • Finish:

    stainless steel

  • Other characteristics:

    linear, horizontal, floor


Technical Specifications
1. 12 V DC motor, with the exception of
the applications for swimming pools and
the fan coil with electric heater FR UF TE.
2. Heat exchanger with copper tubes and
aluminum fins.
3. Stainless steel container quality AISI
304, for applications in wet environment
stainless steel quality AISI 316 is used.
4. Maximum power of the fan-coil heaters
up to 8 kW.
5. Minimum height of fan: 50 mm (FR
UF - T50).
6. Minimum width of the fan: 156 mm
(FR UF - T50)
Standard equipment
- Stainless steel trough (the external
thermal insulation of the trough is not
included in standard equipment; any insulation
to prevent condensation shall be
carried out on site by the installer)
- Stainless steel flexible connection tubes
- Stainless steel top cover of the connection
- Two flexible couplings or threaded fitting
GAS and shut-off valve
- Aluminum frame
- Tangential fan with high quality operation
12V DC
- Highly efficient fan motors
All coils are made with the connections
pipes for water right side (seeing from
within). On request it is possible adjust
the coil connections for water pipes on
the left.
It is recommended to be combined with another heating system or to be used
individually in interiors with lower heat demands.