Public trash can / stainless steel / with built-in ashtray / contemporary
CREW 27 | CREW 28 rosconi


  • Type:


  • Material...:

    stainless steel

  • Options and accessories:

    with built-in ashtray, contemporary


The crew ashtray-litter combinations can be combined with a range of attachments and thereby equipped with diverse functions. The receptacles feature a wire-frame insert / rubbish bag holding ring. Depending on the type of ashtray and litter bin, they can be fitted with a self-extinguishing attachment or a large opening and ashtray above with a liner for sand filling and sieve insert or an ashtray with spherical segment. The stainless steel receptacles can optionally also be supplied with wall mounting, prepared for floor mounting or with coloured powder-coated body. A base plate at the bottom and a dummy joint between the body and the attachment ring provide floating lightness and help during thorough cleaning. The products can optionally be prepared for floor mounting.


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