public trash can / stainless steel / with built-in ashtray / contemporary
59 AAR rosconi



  • Type:


  • Material...:

    stainless steel

  • Options and accessories:

    with built-in ashtray, contemporary


The 59 AAR ashtray-litter combination comprises a modular system, allowing for free configuration of ashtray, receptacle, notice sign and hood. The stainless steel pillar for outdoor areas consists of a stable stainless steel base (480 mm x 295 mm), a central stainless steel ashtray with self-extinguishing attachment and, depending on the version, a stainless steel receptacle with theft-proof attachment ring, notice sign and stainless steel hood. The product features a locking mechanism, making it inaccessible to unauthorised persons from outside. The receptacles are available in 2 sizes: ø 250 mm and 350 mm; capacity 16 l and 39 l. The total height, depending on the version, is 1000 mm to 1720 mm. All 4 frames, 59 AAR 001 | AAR 002 | AAR 003 and AAR 004 are GS-tested. The self-extinguishing function of the integrated ashtray is TÜV-certified.