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SM179 Rosseto Serving Solutions



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    stainless steel


Square track stainless steel grill top designed to be used with Rosseto Square Warmers. Made from the finest grade stainless steel, with brushed finish and special protective coating to withstand tough commercial environments.

Rosseto has designed a functional and stylish alternative to conventional chafing dishes.

The next generation of food warming technology is here, providing you with safe and reliable warming and display options with optimal heat distribution. There is no need to skimp on style or manage with limited options, our chafing dishes come in 7 and 10 heights, in both round and square risers. Elevate and display food beautifully on acrylic or glass surfaces atop the heat resistant grills. Rosseto's buffet food warmers and trays are among the most dependable products currently made in the catering and hotel dining industry. We have dozens of customizable warmer systems that come in a variety of colors shapes, sizes and designs. You can put multiple pots, pans or serving plates on our rectangular stainless steel warmer with a track grill top. The set works perfectly with Rosseto's burner stands, which come in colors and finishes like black matte and brushed steel.