Contemporary sideboard table / wooden / rectangular / in reclaimed material
CHAPA Rotsen Furniture


  • Style:


  • Material:


  • Shape:


  • Options:

    in reclaimed material

  • Height:

    30 in

  • Length:

    84 in

  • Width:

    16 in


Made with textured reclaimed Peroba wood and weathered metal. This console is designed to show the beauty and character of the wood used. Also available with smooth wood top.

Maker of high-end decorative products, Rotsen Furniture designs exclusive pieces integrating woods organic characteristics with a clean, graceful, modernist aesthetic.

Each furniture item is individually hand crafted by highly skilled woodworkers in the United States and Brazil. With strikingly contemporary designs, Rotsen is known for a creative combination of contrasting materials, both new and old. A reference in the reutilization of materials, Rotsen meld wood salvaged from decaying bridges, old barns and demolished structures, harvested from fallen, well preserved trees, or from sustainable plantations and well managed forests with metal, glass, and Plexiglas to create furniture that is luxurious, distinct and unforgettable.


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