heating system control keypad / wall-mounted
A-K5L Russound



  • Use:

    for heating systems

  • Installation:



Representing a breakthrough in A-BUS system control, the A-K5L amplified keypad features an LCD panel and extensive audio and system settings. Its digital amplifier provides more power than previous analog A-BUS keypads.
The A-K5Ls display panel and soft-touch keys have selectable amber or green backlighting, with an option to turn the backlight off. The display shows source name and zone volume, and the keypads status indicator shows you when the system is on. A built-in IR receiver with LED confirmation responds to commands from remote controls.
Compatible with the Russound A-C68 controller, the A-K5L includes an All Off feature that turns all zones off. It also can turn all zones on for Party mode.
An Options menu in the A-K5L gives you complete control of zone audio settings, including bass, treble, balance, loudness, and turn-on volume. It also allows selection of backlight color, Party mode enable, and page volume.