sky ceiling LED panel / for backlit ceilings
A Saint-Gobain Ecophon



  • Type:

    for sky ceilings, for backlit ceilings


Soundlight Comfort Ceiling A is an embedded lighting and acoustic ceiling system. The application area is mainly open office spaces. Soundlight Comfort Ceiling A has an exposed grid system and each tile is easily demountable.

The system consists of sound absorbing lighting emitting LED Tiles, sound absorbing Tiles, Control box, OccuSwitch DALI, and the Connect grid system. The system has a weight of 6 kg/m². All tiles have a core manufactured from high density glass wool utilizing the 3RD Technology. The LED Tile has a thickness of 60mm and the Tile has a thickness of 40mm.

Soundlight Comfort Ceiling A is unique with respect to the light design with wide distrubution, large surface illuminated and that the highest possible sound absorption is integrated in every tile. The LED Tile is available in colour temperature 3000K and 4000K. For a lux level according to office norms approximately 40% of the ceiling should be covered with LED Tiles.

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