sliding roof window / aluminum / double-glazed / electric
SUNNY Salinox



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The sliding glazed roof SUNNY is one of Salinox’s most innovative products. It will allow you to make the best out of your space, under any weather condition, offering exceptional insulation and protection. Made of high quality primary grade aluminum alloy, it can withstand wind, water and snow loads, without jeopardizing your safety and comfort. Its folding panes are drawn upwards, freeing up as much of the roof’s surface as possible, allowing for an unobstructed view to the sky and usage of natural lighting, as well as replenished fresh air. The SUNNY is made of heavy type cross-bars, which are equipped with a specially designed internal water runoff system, while its aluminum alloy parts can be anodized or painted with a wide range of electrostatic paints. The glass-boards are double – tempered and laminated – so that they are as safe as possible – while the outer glass-board is made with the “structural glazing” method, keeping the roof smooth and eliminating any possibility of water inflow. The sliding glazed roof consists of transverse aluminum bars, on which the system’s glass-boards are positioned. Electrical motors use belts, which slide the moving framed parts upwards, until they are parked into one another, thus freeing up the two thirds of the roof’s surface. The motion of the moving parts is quiet and smooth, thanks to the multiple ball bearing system they employ. The system uses structural glazing, which enables swift water-rain runoff, since the surface is always smooth and unobstructed – offering, apart from the technical advantage, a sensational feeling of crystalline affluence.