folding partition / aluminum / double-glazed / professional
F4 THERMO Salinox



  • Type:


  • Material:

    aluminum, double-glazed

  • Applications:

    professional, home

  • Other characteristics:

    without floor track, thermal break


The F4 Thermo is an improved version of the F4 Elite system, regarding the thermal insulative properties of the device. It is the ideal combination for maximum thermal insulation, water-tightness and sound insulation. It consists of panes with bear double glazing, framed with aluminum profiles with thermal breaks. Thermal breaks are created with striped of polyamides (a material with very low thermal conductivity) which are inserted between the inner and out part of the aluminum profile, aiming to prevent heat outflux to the exterior of the building. For even more protection, the F4 Thermo folding glass door system comes with a thermally broken track rail driver – yet another patented manufacturing technique by our company (Patent No 1008597). The total sum of these and other characteristics, results in a total thermal conductivity of Uw=1,74 W/m2K. The vertical aluminum profiles of the system have been designed to couple with each other with male-female cross-sections, efficiently sealing every gap. The also bear additional elastic gaskets to guarantee an absolutely air- and water-tight result. On the horizontal profiles sealing is also achieved with elastic gaskets. On every frame, a lock mechanism is installed at about the height of 1m - so that the user avoids bending down to secure the panel with floor locks. Each pane can be turned into an opening/divertible door, used as an entrance once a roof spring mechanism is fitted in.