glass railing / aluminum / glass panel / indoor



  • Material:

    glass, aluminum

  • Configuration:

    glass panel

  • Location:

    indoor, outdoor

  • Applications:

    for stairs, for balconies


Structural molding chamber for concrete substrates made of heavy type 113x48mm aluminum profile made of EN AW 6060-T66 alloy - which can be anodized. It creates a chamber of 110x28mm in size, in which laminated or laminated tempered glassboards of up to 22mm in thickness, can be implanted. The profile is embedded into the concrete and stabilized by using specially designed anchors, which are also used for alignment and interconnection. On the top end, the system bears a removable lid, a cap which can be easily removed without using special tools, to keep the inner chamber intact during the injection of concrete into the wooden mold – a process during which the system can be aligned. The glass-boards are tightly secured with rubber gaskets and adhesives, providing stability and easy removal in case of breakage, as well as excellent behavior against alternating temperature changes. It is available in 6m rods which are connected in sequence for a sturdy result, using connecting bars, either straight or angled, which are plugged into the system’s anchoring dents.