indoor door / sliding / glass / aluminum
SL 6580 Salinox



  • Type:


  • Opening system:


  • Material:

    glass, aluminum


The sliding door SL6580 is an innovative system made to satisfy design needs in indoor spaces. The track rail guide is 65x80mm in size, and enables smooth, quite sliding motion of the glass-board. It offers an industrial aesthetic to both offices and residential spaces. The track rail guide consists of two separate parts for easy installation, while it can also be recessed, leaving more of the glass-board surface visible. It can be painted in any RAL colour, or other textures, such as wood imitation. It is designed to operate with tempered 10mm glazing or 5+4 laminated tempered in a variety of colors. The system can be either single or double winged, and offers a clamping socket for the installation of the fixed glass-boards. The SL6580 system can be combined with a variety of accessories (door knobs and locks), according to your needs.