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    electric, steam

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The Professional amongst Heat Conservation Equipment

The Salvis Hold-o-mat, Swiss precision in low temperature cooking and keeping warm.

With a temperature precision of +/- 1 °C and thanks to its perfect moisture control all meat dishes are safely guided through the process. A voltage of 230 V and a performance of 1 kW ensure a flexible implementation in catering and reduce energy consumption to the minimum – even with long cooking processes.

It goes without saying that tenderer and large pieces of meat mean happier guests!

The equipment is fitted with 4 fold-out handles which make it easy to carry. The Salvis Hold-o-mats are available in 5 different versions: 3x GN2/3-65, 3x GN1/1-65 with KTF, 3x GN 1/1 with KTF and for 7x GN 1/1-65 mm containers. NEW: Now also available in the 411 model! With one more module the equipment is more flexible to position. The new OLED display provides a better overview of all temperatures and the innovative magnetic core temperature sensor.