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Split System Duct S (MSP)
Small & lightweight Big on performance
The Samsung DUCT S Air Conditioner is easy and convenient to install and maintain. Its exceptionally compact design reduces its volume and weight by 30% compared with conventional air conditioners. So it's much easier to handle and install, even in small spaces.
The Samsung DUCT S Air Conditioner's Auto ESP Adjustment function efficiently and automatically senses the external static pressure (ESP), whatever the length of duct. It then quickly adjusts its performance to optimize the air volume and pressure and minimize noise, for maximum comfort in any situation. The ESP can also be easily adjusted using a remote control, which reduces the installation time.
Most ducted air conditioners are installed in a variety of locations, so they need to be accessed in different ways for maintenance. The Samsung DUCT S Air Conditioner is designed to be accessed from three directions – top, side and bottom – using an easy to remove Slide Fit cover. As a result, it’s much easier to maintain wherever it's installed – saving you time and money.