traditional sofa / garden / rattan / 2-person
ANTARES Samuele Mazza by DFN srl



  • Style:


  • Location:


  • Material:


  • Capacity:

    2-person, 3-seater

  • Color:

    white, beige


Furnishings from the Antares range have been inspired by a desire to give new majestic life to a traditional and historic material such as wicker. Antares proposes the same lines and distinctive features as the Canopo range, but is made entirely from natural materials. The leg design remains the distinctive element of this range, inspired by both a classic and feline style. This iconic detail is enhanced with large cushions that surround the structure but leave the sides and back free on the outer sides to expose the unique texture created by the woven wicker. A compact surface in which weft and warp chase each other, creating an effect that is pleasing to the touch. A vast range of furnishings catering for various needs in terms of use and design: sofas, dining tables, chairs, console tables, day beds, beds, even a food trolley. With items from the Antares range, there are no limits to the creation of a sophisticated and complex design for a total look fully coordinated in every detail.
To preserve the durability of the natural materials with which furnishings from this range are made, as for all of the elements in the Orangerie collection, they should be used in an area protected from rain and direct sunlight. Elements from the Antares range can be used on porches, on verandas or in conservatories as well as in wellness centres and spas as they are resistant to humidity.