original design sofa / garden / rattan / 2-seater
ALTAIR Samuele Mazza by DFN srl


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    original design

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An extremely distinctive and unique piece that is circular in shape. The frame is made entirely of rattan. The weave is dense and compact in the lower part of the structure, becoming wider as it progresses upwards, creating a pattern of diamonds forming a shell around the seat. The seat is welcoming, with soft and inviting cushions for the utmost comfort. The Altair bench has a reduced depth, making it ideal for terraces or long passageways where space is limited. It can easily be combined with elements from the Vega series, which uses the same weave, and is ideal for use in a wide variety of contexts as a distinctive element with a classic, yet glamorous design.
To preserve the durability of the natural materials with which it is made, as for all of the elements in the Orangerie collection, it should be used in an area protected from rain and direct sunlight. The Altair high bench can be used on porches, on verandas or in conservatories as well as in wellness centres and spas, as it is resistant to humidity.


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