traditional dining table / marble / resin wicker / ceramic
CANOPO T2 Samuele Mazza by DFN srl


  • Style:


  • Material:

    marble, resin wicker, ceramic, lacquered glass

  • Shape:


  • Location:


  • Height:


  • Length:

    120, 150

  • Width:

    150, 120


This range of furnishings completes the Canopo range, from which it takes some of the distinctive elements such as the leg design and the generous, enveloping cushions. For this range, the furnishings are slightly smaller in size and include sofas and arm chairs that can be used in areas where space is more limited. The range also includes round tables and dining armchairs that can be used to create an outdoor lounge without comparison, the perfect expression of practicality and luxury that is the main criteria of the collection.
This range makes it possible to design coordinated spaces, based on the specific requirements, using generously sized elements chosen from the Canopo range and smaller sized pieces from the Canopo T2 range. This range also offers another combination of dining table and chairs. Elements from the Canopo and Canopo T2 range can be mixed and matched with ease to create a harmonious and coordinated look.
As with all of the elements from the Siderale collection, furnishings from this range are resistant to weather conditions and can be used outdoors, requiring only quick and easy maintenance. The fabrics are water repellent and the cushions are waterproofed. The covers are fully removable.