desk lamp / contemporary / metal / LED
BLANCOWHITE C1 / R3 by Antoni Arola Santa & Cole



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    white, black


Conceived with the minimal width possible in order to hold a light source – a cross-section of a mere one centimetre – the BlancoWhite family is formed by a range of tabletop bookcases, sills, luminous shelves, wall mounted signs and extremely fine pendant lamps in order to allow everyday objects to stand out or to accompany the conversation at the table.

It houses a smart LED plate (executed via a dot cutting system) with small incisions of increasing concavity along the bottom of the light surface which become more concave the further they are from the source, thus lending the light beam homogeneity.

With a firm, steady metal structure, yet subtly expressive, it constitutes one of the most commended examples of the new potential LED technology can give our day-to-day lives.

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