pendant lamp / contemporary / brass / glass
VAGHE STELLE by Antoni de Moragas i Spà Santa & Cole



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    brass, glass

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The stars are distant, undefined, vague. Twinkles overhead at night - those are the lights of Vaghe Stelle.
Inspired by both the bare lamps of Adolf Loos, who deemed all ornaments a crime, and by Leopardi’s Canti (“Vaghe stelle dell'Orsa, io non credea tornare ancor per uso a contemplarvi…”), this extremely elegant lamp by architect Antoni de Moragas i Spà, the son of Antoni de Moragas Gallissà, also an architect and the first president of ADI-FAD, was envisioned during the restructuring process on an old textile warehouse in Barcelona’s new Brasserie Flo in 1982.

Two concentric brass rings hold aloft as many as 18 carbon filament bulbs by means of a number of glass ossicles at different heights, generating an exquisite amber-coloured light like a wandering night star.

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