hanging light fixture / fluorescent / linear / aluminum
FLÚOR by Antoni Arola Santa & Cole


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  • Light source:


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  • Material:

    aluminum, methacrylate

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Antoni Arola set himself the task of bestowing dignity on traditional fluorescent tube technology, which has lit kitchens, offices and public buildings for decades with its odd toneless colour, in order to improve the colour of the light, lend it warmth and presence and even make it easier to use for information signs, if required.

The outcome is a unique 80W pendant lamp or a linear system that may be comprised by two, three or five 54W strips. Both arrangements are based on the same see-through methacrylate shade lined with fireproof leather on the inside. At the bottom, a diffusing mesh focuses the light vertically and can easily be detached in order to replace the light source.


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