pendant lamp / contemporary / aluminum / steel
M68 by Miguel Milá Santa & Cole



  • Type:


  • Style:


  • Material:

    aluminum, steel, methacrylate

  • Other characteristics:

    LED, incandescent, compact fluorescent

  • Color:

    white, red, golden, silver

  • Market:



The hugely evocative shade on the M68 lamp immortalises the silhouette of a woman’s shoulders. It is an aluminium re-edition of the famous methacrylate pop lamp from the 1960s – also by Miguel Milá – and it is now available in lively red or matte white, as well as in polished aluminium.

Since the shade is opaque, its bell-shape cross section gives it a large inside surface to diffuse the light. The electrical cable runs from the top middle area of the shade along with a tiny metal cylinder that links the shade and the steel wire that holds it aloft. In short, M68 is the friendliest way of lighting a large table.

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