Pendant lamp / contemporary / polyester / LED
MOARÉ by Antoni Arola Santa & Cole


  • Type:


  • Style:


  • Material:


  • Other characteristics:

    LED, incandescent, compact fluorescent

  • Color:

    white, red, silver


The Moaré series owes its name to the iridescent effect created by the two outer cylinder-shaped shades, a watercolour optical illusion produced by the superimposed textures against the light. Created in 2003, it soon gained international renown and over the years the collection has come to comprise a range of colours and formats for a wide variety of uses: from major shopping centres to enclosed private household spaces. A ladylike interplay of colour and transparency.

The lamp allows the option to use just a single shade rather than the two required to produce the highly sought-after moiré effect, still retaining the grace of its excellently proportioned outer geometry. A methacrylate interior diffuser, next to the three central bulbs, constantly helps to diffuse its bright light.


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