pendant lamp / contemporary / metal / fabric
SISTEMA FONDA by Gabriel Ordeig Santa & Cole



  • Type:


  • Style:


  • Material:

    metal, fabric, cardboard

  • Other characteristics:

    LED, incandescent, compact fluorescent

  • Color:

    yellow, beige

  • Market:



In the early 1990s, artist, designer and Santa & Cole founder Gabriel Ordeig Cole was commissioned to design the lighting for a large restaurant – Fonda Europa in Granollers (Barcelona). The aim was to achieve a pleasant, consistent colouration to accompany diners’ conversations under excellent lighting. And this was the result that was ultimately implemented. Through the use of segments of one or three shades, and three types of connectors between them (the final part, an intermediate straight connector and a connector at a 90º angle) an entire lighting system is arranged, based on linear tube structures on which varying types of shades may be placed.

The Sistema Fonda, with small and medium-size ribbon, cardboard and white linen shades, all supported by brief ossicles of natural beech, provides extraordinarily lavish lighting and bears a highly contemporary appearance in serving a hugely classical purpose: hanging structures that irradiate light from a recurring array of lamps. A remarkable exercise in amalgamation, conferring all planners with a wealth of freedom.

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