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Technological innovation
ISOVISTA® is a product of many years' experience in the field of building and technological research dedicated to developing a highly innovative and unique product. The innovation lies in the perfect union of the insulation material with facing slips and in the design of the perimeter battens of the panel that ensures perfect continuity of insulation even in joints. This allows completely eliminating the need for thermal bridges, therefore a perfect insulation.

ISOVISTA® is based on the concept of better living. The idea is to create an ideal living habitat that is environmentally friendly and energy efficient, and therefore cost-effective.
ISOVISTA® also allows quick and easy installation without compromising the effectiveness of the insulation.
Good insulation is not only a specific law requirement, but is everybody's duty towards the environment. ISOVISTA®, helps to achieve an ideal temperature in the house, allowing you to save money on heating or air conditioning and help the environment.

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