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A sound choice to protect the environment
S.Anselmo has always been committed to developing solutions which maintain the high quality of our relationship with the environment - from every point of view, both functional and aesthetical. In order to achieve this, S.Anselmo constantly seeks to renew an age-old tradition by means of technological innovation. Kyoto® is the outcome of this research, a technically exemplary answer to modern needs, but without renouncing the well known elegance of S.Anselmo products.

The formation of the holes in the "soft clay" product complies with the type of product with an irregular profile and ensures a diameter which complies with the standards to guarantee the compression strength of the joints.

The structure of the distribution of the holes enables use of the bricks in a systematic manner due to the vertical continuity of the hole.

The presence of the system of holes adds various possibilities for an increase in the shapes and the means of anchoring the brickwork.

If the hole is not used for reinforcement of the structure for earthquake resistance and structural strength purposes, it increases the insulation value of the brickwork due to the air space corresponding with the holes.

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