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PV inverter / central / three-phase / with transformer
SUNWAY™ TG Santerno



  • Power source:


  • Connection:


  • Phase:


  • Options and accessories:

    with transformer

  • Peak power:

    Min.: 76 kW (103 hp)

    Max.: 1,030 kW (1,400 hp)


Designed for medium scale and rooftop PV plants, SUNWAY TG 800V OD inverters with integrated galvanic insulation transformer, feature best-in-class technology providing the highest flexibility and reliability.
Designed for outdoor installation (IP54) SUNWAY TG 800V OD product range allows the optimal configuration of medium and large PV plants providing the lowest system cost and the maximum yield.

Integrated galvanic insulation transformer.
Max operating temperature: 40 °C without power limitation.
Best in class for reliability and uptime.
Integrated galvanic insulation transformer.
Very high efficiency with a single power conversion stage, optimized for minimum losses.
Modular construction and cabinet industrialization for maximum reliability and easy access to all components for maintainability and ease of service on site.
Grid interactive features such as LVRT, reactive power control, frequency and voltage feedback control, in compliance with the most advanced european and world wide standards.
Integrated DC-side protection provided by disconnect switch with release coil.
Integrated miswiring protection on DC side.
Integrated active monitoring of DC isolation.
Integrated AC-side protection with automatic-disconnection on load breaker.
Integration with SunwayPortal for web access to production data. Remote monitoring and control through standard SCADA systems.
Integrated Modbus on RS485 and TCP-IP on Ethernet data connection
Integrated inputs for environmental sensors.
Compliant with photovoltaic modules requiring one earthed pole (positive or negative pole - optional).
Compliant with AEEG 84/12 (CEI 0-16)