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PV inverter / string / single-phase / for residential installations
SUNWAY™ M XS Santerno



  • Power source:


  • Connection:


  • Phase:


  • Options and accessories:

    for residential installations, transformerless

  • Peak power:

    2,640 W, 3,600 W, 4,500 W (4 hp)


The Sunway M XS is the ideal solution for PV plants ranging from 2 to 9 kWp.
Light-weighted thanks to transformerless architecture, which results in best energy efficiency.
Very simple to install, the Sunway M XS features an easy to use interface.
The Sunway M XS is technologically advanced thanks to the colour touchscreen display, the integrated datalogger and wireless connectivity.
The user can dialogue with the inverter by way of special applets downloadable from you mobile phone. Its design is unique and stylish.

Touchscreen display and integrated Datalogger
Integrated web server
Compliant with CEI 0-21, VDE-A-RN 4105, VDE 0126-1-1
Low energy consumption (conforms to EU requirements for standby consumption)
Control and minimization of the DC current component introduced into the network
Power equalization function on CAN Bus for multi Inverter connection (SUNWAYTM M XS 4600, M XS 5000, M XS 6000 and M XS 7500 models only)
Insulation control of the photovoltaic field
Incorporated DC switch (optional)