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turnkey inverter station / for photovoltaic applications
SUNWAY™ LS Santerno



  • Options:

    turnkey, for photovoltaic applications

  • Power:

    Max.: 1,742 kW (2,368 hp)

    Min.: 492 kW (669 hp)


SUNWAY Station LS is the range-leader packaged solution by Elettronica Santerno, especially designed for extreme working conditions: intense solar radiation, dusty environment, high temperatures.
The SUNWAY Station LS substations consist of three separate cabinets (inverter cabinet, LV/MV transformer cabinet and MV boards cabinet) and are manufactured to ensure an IP33 protection degree.
The overall dimensions of the substation, which is only 2400 mm wide, fi t for standard transportation and do not require special permits.

Based on 1 or 2 SUNWAY TG 800V TE or TG 1000V TE solar inverters.
Pre-assembled substations, fully fi tted out and tested to reduce the plant costs to a minimum, ensuring easy laying and wiring.
Built with sandwich sheet panels and integrated vibrated reinforced concrete foundations for easy transport.
High effi ciency MV distribution transformer.
Extended confi gurability of the MV section to adapt to any specific plant requirement.
Full access to inverters and accessories for optimum reliability and serviceability thanks to removable lateral walls.
Grid Code integrated features (LVRT, Reactive Power Control, Frequency and Voltage control) in compliance with the most advanced European, North American and WW standards.
Integrated DC-side protection provided by DC fuses and disconnect switch with release coil.
Integrated AC and DC Ground Fault Detection systems and miswiring protection on DC side.
Integrated Modbus on RS485 and TCP/IP on Ethernet data connection.