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turnkey inverter station / for photovoltaic applications



  • Options:

    turnkey, for photovoltaic applications

  • Power:

    Max.: 1,600 kW (2,175 hp)

    Min.: 1,000 kW (1,360 hp)


Santerno Skid Station is a fully integrated outdoor MV solar power station.
This is the simplest option for utility-scale power plants.
Compact and versatile, it is a plug & play solution.
Thanks to its modular structure it is easy to transport in a single container.
It can be installed directly on the facility with a minimal amount of civil construction work, resulting in simple and fast installation times and lower costs.
Santerno will supply all the assistance and engineering support necessary for on-site configuration and commissioning.

The Santerno Skid Station has been specifically designed for the North America market (USA and Canada).
A new product with:

Rated output power: 1688 kVA
Power factor: +/- 0.9 @ rated power
Max operating temperature: 122 °F w/o active power limitation
Fully integrated on a transportable skid
Two 1000 V DC solar inverters, CAISO grid compliant
Integrated DC input fuses
High efficiency liquid-fi lled MV distribution transformer
Designed according to NEC NFPA70, UL1741, IEEE1547
98 % CEC weighted inverter efficiency
Designed for the North American market
Seismic zone 4 compliant
Desert protection kit available
Protective canopy available
Wake-up features for data access at night
Integrated monitoring