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For thousands of years we have heard of the pleasures of the sauna. People have always sought very careful, gentle and natural methods and systems for achieving inner harmony, for living moments of wellness in the body and mind. In the sauna, I rediscover that primitive intimacy that enables me to relax my mind and provide the body with deep purification. The dry heat that surrounds me, the strong and intense smell of wood reawakens within me strong sensations and I feel deeply purified. In the sauna for the mind, in the sauna for the body, in the heat of the sauna, the pleasure of feeling good with yourself, the pleasure of feeling good with others.
At [ClubWell, the sauna has a new and different style. The simple logic of this environment is accompanied, evidently and inevitably, by extensive experience in the industry but at the same time by a very innovative way of making people feel welcome, able to provide wellness in all its forms. The stove, the very heart of the sauna, contains leading-edge and original technology that fits discreetly into the environment, just as the large safety button, for remote calling in case of need, is a reassuring and discreet feature. The large reinterpreted wood benches enclose in an original design those shapes that provide comfort and relaxation, soft waves that lull me while in the sky the stars of chromo-therapy light up.