steel stair nosing / non-slip
SCHLÜTER®-TREP-T Schluter-Systems



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Schlüter-TREP-T/-MT/-TL is a special profile made of rigid PVC with a soft, non-slip PVC wear surface for a safe and visually appealing stair nosing design.

Schlüter-TREP-T has a consistent, uniform colour at the wear surface (four colours are available), while Schlüter-TREP-MT features a decorative brass inlay.

The profile Schlüter-TREP-TL features a luminescent inlay, which glows for up to 10 hours after exposure to light. This increases the visibility of stair edges in the dark and at dusk.

Schlüter-TREP-T/-MT/-TL are intended for residential use or light commercial areas. The profiles are permanently installed in the covering and cannot be replaced when damaged by excessive wear (Schlüter-TREP-S and -B offer replaceable inserts).

Schlüter-TREP-T/-MT/-TL protects stair edges and reduces the risk of accidents through its non-slip tread design and increased visual acuity. Matching end caps are available.