metal profile / edge
SCHLÜTER®-BARA-RTK Schluter-Systems



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Schlüter®-BARA-RTK is a finishing profile for the exposed edges of balconies and terraces that have an existing sloped screed. The projecting bonding flange is recessed to allow for the use of Schlüter®-JOLLY protective edge profiles, which are available in the same colours as the balcony edging profile. Schlüter®-BARA-RTK is set along the edge area by embedding the trapezoid perforated anchoring leg in a thin bed of fresh adhesive. Schlüter®-DITRA 25 can be applied to create a waterproof membrane, as can trowel applied waterproof membranes from other manufacturers or waterproofing layers compliant with DIN 18195-5.

A T-shaped chamber in the vertical leg of Schlüter®-BARA-RTK is used for attaching the Schlüter®-BARIN gutter system.

Slotted holes in the Schlüter®-BARIN gutter system allow the Schlüter®-BARA-RTK profile to be adjusted vertically.