Water/water heat pump / geothermal
HPSOL Schüco International


  • Type:

    water/water, geothermal


The combination of solar energy system and heat pump allows maximum use to be made of direct solar radiation and of the solar heat stored in the ground. A Schüco HPSol brine/water heat pump with special Schüco low-temperature collectors reduces heating costs by approx. 75% compared with conventional oil or gas systems. Feeding solar yields into the geothermal probes guarantees permanently high system efficiency.

If the area in which you live is suitable for drilling a bore hole (approx. 80% of the surface area in Germany), then no other heating system can offer lower operating costs under the same conditions.

A Schüco HPSol heat pump provides heat all year round
A brine/water heat pump uses heat that is stored in the ground. The temperature in the ground is usually between 6 ºC and 12 ºC. This temperature level is more than sufficient for a Schüco HPSol.


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