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steel solar shading / glass / for facades / horizontal



  • Material:

    steel, glass

  • Applications:

    for facades

  • Other characteristics:



From the start, seele worked with the architect and the structural engineers to design all the details for the challenging steel-and-glass elements (total area approx. 4,500sqm). The spacious museum foyer has been given a self-supporting glass fin façade designed by seele. One special detail is the narrow vertical joints hidden behind glazing bars designed by Renzo Piano.The roof structure to the above-ground museum extension consists of 30 pairs of glued laminated timber beams that are supported on reinforced concrete columns and span the full 30m of the building. Bent panes of glass supplied by seele close off the openings between the beams. The panes are isolated from the timber beams because the movement and torsion values of the beams could not be defined. Therefore, seele carried out minimum/maximum calculations to quantify the anticipated variations and designed flexible connections based on a large number of built-in sliding bearings and special details. Mounted above the glass are frames for the movable photovoltaic louvres that provide shade. The louvres are fixed to channels that are in turn attached to the glulam beams.

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