wooden desk / traditional
by Lorenzo Bellini SELVA



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The renowned Italian architect and designer Lorenzo Bellini has already created several outstanding collections for SELVA, such as Downtown, Heritage J. S., and Vendôme. With the new program, though, he has not reinterpreted forms from the past, as had usually been the case, but rather created a timelessly modern design with a mix of materials.

The balance between the lines, the comfort, and the functionality is what makes a “perfect” piece of furniture for Bellini, although its recognition value cannot disturb the delicate balance of the interior design. Regardless of whether an object is a piece of furniture or something else, it never exists as an end in and of itself, but rather as the result of a careful analysis of its use and target group. Which is what brings together the resources and the essence of the client with those of the designer, bringing them to life.
With the development of the exclusive furniture for SELVA, Bellini was very careful to involve the history of the manufacturer, which became world-renowned through its production of period furniture, and to make use of the existing treasures as a starting point. He united the masterful craftsmanship and the top-quality materials of SELVA with his passion and dedication. Thus he designs expressive, top-quality furniture that is conceived for those customers who are seeking something extraordinary and timeless. Furniture which, as the architect himself explains, can be effortlessly integrated into any context like a “pass key”: both in a modern loft and in an interplay with antiques and vintage furniture