lifting system


Telescopic Lifting Mast powered by the rigid chain
SERAPID telescopic masts are used for loads of up to 450 kg (per lifting column). Compact and extremely stable, SERAPID masts are self-contained, have a small footprint, and provide repeatable, accurate positioning.

Our telescopic lifting mast is ideal for use with stage equipment such as lighting, truss or speakers. On the outside, it consists of a set of shaft segments that are nested inside each other. In the centre a rigid chain drives the segments upwards one after the other and so extends them to form a mast capable of lifting loads up to several hundred kilograms. Telescopic mast operates vertically, horizontally or diagonally.
For all requests for non-catalogue capacities, please contact us, our technical department will examine the feasibility of your needs.
Stroke : up to 12 m
Speed : up to 300 mm/sec.
Self-guiding and self-supporting
Heavy loads : up to 450 kg


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