lifting system


LinkLift is an electromechanical telescopic actuator specifically designed for the vertical movement of heavy loads using rigid chain technology LinkLift is suitable for lifting heavy loads in industry, scenery equipment, and the movement of structural elements in the construction industry.

Benefits :

• Silence : 45 dBA at 50 mm/sec. Combined with silent motorisation, this advantage makes it possible to carry out transfers during a show with very low noise constraints.
• Accuracy : Link cheeks are manufactured to 1/100th mm thanks to fine cutting technology, extensively used in the automotive industry. This accuracy guarantees positioning to the millimetre.
• Speed : from 0 to 300 mm/sec. Beyond this value, please contact us.
• Low maintenance : LinkLift’s simple mechanical design makes it a reliable system that needs only little maintenance.
• Reliability : The chain/link sequence cannot be deformed. The system has a minimum of slowly rotating parts. When installed in compliance with recommended alignments, commissioning requires no specific training.
• Safety : The chain can exert a pushing force as well as a dynamic pulling force, this guarantees the movement whatever the flexibility and positioning of the loads on the platform. In the event of an accidental manual impact, the quality of the steels used and their thickness will prevent the components from warping. Under normal operating conditions, the chain is unlockable.