Gypsum plaster textile membrane / PVC / polyester / for tensile structures


  • Material:

    PVC, polyester, gypsum plaster

  • Application:

    for tensile structures

  • Membrane characteristics:



The summer home of the Atlanta Symphony will be well protected and housed in an amphitheatre covered with Shelter-Rite architectural fabric.

Constructed in 2007-2008 and opened on May 10, 2008, the Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre at Encore Park is owned by Verizon Wireless and managed by the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra. The facility cost $35 million and is used for a wide range of orchestra and community/family events as well as leading popular artists.

The unique facility was designed by KKE Architects, Minneapolis and consists of a roof with open sides. The roof itself is a steel framed system which is made of large box girders supported by columns. The roof is approximately 60 feet above ground level and has a slight curve for both functionality and appearance. Shelter Rite Architectural fabric covers the steel frame and provides the weather-resistant features of the structure. The membrane is a heavy reinforced polyester fabric which is coated with a weather- and sunlight-resistant compound. The compound itself has slight translucent features that allow the facility a wide range of options in lighting and overall facility appearance.

In addition to appearance, the high-performance mechanical properties of the Shelter Rite architectural fabric made it a material of choice for the designers. The rugged 8028 fabric has unique, defined, biaxial stretch characteristics making its integration with structural steel a long term solution. In a tension structure such as the Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre, the fabric derives its strength from tension rather than compression, making it a good lightweight alternative to hard shell building options.


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