Scandinavian design chair / wool / oak / bentwood
No 7 sibast furniture



  • Style:

    Scandinavian design

  • Material:

    wool, oak, bentwood, leather

  • Market:



Sibast No 7 is the second chair re-launched by SIBAST FURNITURE. The chair was designed in 1953 by Helge Sibast. The characteristic press moulded backrest defines the chair and gives a good seating comfort.
It makes the design very unique however still with clear relations back to the 1950’s where Helge Sibast chal- lenged the ways of working with wood in his designs.

Being a skilled cabinetmaker he did the manufacturing of his designs himself. The bag legs of the chair are slightly narrowed which brings simplicity to the design. The seat- ing construction lifts the seat free of the legs and gives lightness to the chair. A classic Danish sustainable design that goes beyond Sibast No 8.

TYPE: Dinning/Lounge chair
TREATMENT: Soapfinished, White Oil, Natural Oil, Black, Smoked, White pigmentedLaquered.
UPHOLSTERY: Leather/Wool – Kvadrat Remix/Hallingdal/Velvet Haakon Raf Simons and Sorensen Leather, Cognac, Black, Honey/Nature