KNX switch actuator / DIN rail
N 512/21 SWITCH ACTUATOR SIEMENS Building Technologies



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    DIN rail


3 Floating relay contacts
Rated contact voltage 230 V AC
Interface for connecting a switching actuator submodule and software for controlling up to 4 switching actuator submodules
Selectable 3-phase switching function (simultaneous switching of 3 outputs)
Direct operation (local operation)
LED for indicating direct operation for each output
Selectable 1- to 3-stage fan speed control function
Function for controlling thermo-electrical drives
Integrated 8-bit scene control
Time functions: off delay on delay Timer mode (automatic stairwell switch) Night mode (lighting for cleaning) Warning of impending off
Logical functions: Positively driven operation Logic function (2 objects) Can be inverted per output (NO contact/NC contact)
Per channel: transmitting status Operating hours counter with limit monitoring Switching cycle counter with limit monitoring Load current recording Load current monitoring
Power supply for its own electronics and for the electronics of the connected switching actuator submodules via the bus voltage
Bus connection via bus terminal

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