KNX switch actuator / DIN rail
SWITCH ACTUATOR N567/11 SIEMENS Building Technologies



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    DIN rail


One potential-free relay contact per output channel
Electronics powered via an integrated power supply unit for 230 V AC
Pushbutton for switching between bus operation and local operation
A yellow LED indicating local operation
1 red LED per output channel to indicate switch status
One pushbutton per output channel to activate the output through a UM-function in local operating mode
Operational with an 230 V AC supply (even with no bus voltage and faulty or not activated bus communication)
Choice between identical or individually parameterized outputs
Operating mode selectable for each channel (normal operation time switch operation)
Adjustable switching on/off delay
Selectable logic link (AND/OR) between two communication objects and presettable logic operator for bus voltage return
Possibility to add an additional night operation object per output channel for time limited activation of output (lighting) at night
Selectable warning signal prior to imminent switching off in form of three times short off/on switching (flashing)
Possibility to add one additional status indicator object per output channel sending of status objects on request and/or automatically after change
Possibility to add additional object to drive the integrated 8-bit scene controller integrated 8 bit scene control and linking each output channel to up to 8 scenes
Unchanged switch state for all output channels in case of power failure
Selectable switch state after return of power for each output channel
Integrated bus coupling units bus connection via bus terminal or contact system to data rail only 50% of standard busload

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