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ArmorDeck Ice (TD3), Signature's premium ice conversion cover system, makes it easy to increase your ice arena's revenue by hosting non-skating events. Just imagine being able to hold concerts, trade shows, graduations, even weddings - without compromising your skating surface. Designed to handle the heaviest loads and provide the ultimate in stability and ice protection, ArmorDeck Ice is the most advanced engineered ice arena flooring system on the market today. ArmorDeck Ice creates an attractive, yet sturdy surface while protecting the ice beneath.

ArmorDeck Ice is a large panel system that features an integrated connection system with optional side and corner cam locks and unsurpassed liquid spill protection. Each section has a useable surface area of 42” x 42” and is 2 inches thick, thus providing maximum rigidity and surface protection.

No system has been as comprehensively engineered to handle the rigors of concert and arena use, and no system incorporates the functionality, features, and capabilities of the ArmorDeck Ice system.

When you purchase an ice arena cover system from Signature, you know that you are backed by the world’s largest stadium, arena, and special event flooring company. More importantly, you will have access to a team of professionals that understands ice rinks, has actually installed floors in the most prestigious arenas and accommodates your specific needs. ArmorDeck Ice arena flooring is manufactured to the highest quality standards and is backed by an extended multi-year guarantee.