indoor flexible tile / floor / vinyl / for public spaces
DANCEDECK Signature Systems Group, LLC



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    for public spaces


Create a spectacular dance floor instantly - choose from four styles for any type of event, facility, or venue.

Signature's complete line of dance floors offers an ideal solution for every type of event, facility or venue. Choose from 2 portable styles - DanceDeck and DanceDeck Deluxe - or our elegant SignaFlex and SignaWood permanent studio floors, depending on your application, frequency of use and budget.

All 3 DanceDeck portable dance floors allow you to create a spectacular dance floor quickly and easily. Modular dance floor tiles and panels are lightweight - making them easy for one person to manage. Assembly and disassembly are simple - requiring no tools or special equipment. Assembling a 20ft x 20ft dance floor usually takes less than an hour (with 2 people). DanceDeck portable dance floors are durable, simple to maintain and will last for years with proper care.

DanceDeck allows you to create a spectacular-looking dance floor virtually anywhere. Suitable for indoor or outdoor use (in a tent or under a canopy), DanceDeck is ideal for weddings, dances, competitions, concerts, exhibits and other special events where an elegant wood floor is required.